Comparing Air Conditioner Brands Comparing Air Conditioner Brands

Are you confused about which air conditioner to buy? There are numerous air conditioner brands in the market today, and different air conditioners have different features. If you want to buy an air conditioner for your home, it is advisable to compare air conditioner brands before making the final decision. This will help you purchase the right air conditioner according to your requirements.

Panasonic, Samsung, Hitachi and LG are some of the leading air conditioning brands in the U.S. All of them offer durable air conditioning with various features at different prices. You can easily check out these brands online to decide the kind of air conditioner you need.

Check for SEER

Whether you opt for window air conditioners, RV air conditioners or split air conditioners, you have to look for the Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER). This is most commonly used to evaluate the efficiency of the air conditioner. SEER can measure the efficiency of the air conditioner for the entire year. With a higher the SEER, your air conditioner will be more effective. Check the SEER for each brand, as they will vary. SEER rating range from 13 to 21.

Different Air Conditioning Features

All brands have different technologies, so find out about the various features of different air conditioner brands. Check for the energy efficiency, power saving, and durability of the air conditioners. Today, almost all air conditioners come with remote controls. This makes the work easier. High-end air conditioners are often expensive, but offer great benefits.

Hazardous Refrigerants

Refrigerants used in air conditioners should play a crucial role in your decision. Refrigerants such as R-22, CFC’s, HFC’s, and Freon are hazardous to the environment, as they contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. These refrigerants should be phased out by all the manufacturers under law. The refrigerant Puron is EPA-approved. Look for air conditioners that contain this refrigerant. This will not make your air conditioner outdated in a few years.


Check for labor warranties and the parts of the air conditioner. Make sure that you check the warranty to ensure that the labor and all the parts of the air conditioner are covered for an extended period of time. This will minimize your repair bills in the future. All the leading brands offer such warranties, so it should not be difficult for you to get a good deal.

Energy Star Rating

Make sure that you check for the Energy Star rating of the different air conditioner brands. If you have a tight budget avoid buying air conditioners that are not Energy Star rated, as they are substantially more expensive than those with the rating.

Proper comparison of air conditioner brands will help you get the right air conditioner according to the needs of your home and your budget.


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