Comparing Automobile Security Systems for DIY Installation Comparing Automobile Security Systems for DIY Installation

The use of automobile security systems are essential to protect your car against theft and burglary. Though the manufacturer may have installed a certain number of security measures as standard, you may find it necessary to fit additional ones. Being aware of the installation processes will help you to make an accurate comparison between them to determine which is best for you.


There are a range of different car alarms on the market, which can be used to alert you when there is a problem with your car. This type of automobile security system will need to be connected to a power supply—usually be the battery—to make it work. In addition, it will also be necessary to connect the alarm to the parts of the vehicle that you want to secure. This can include the windows as well as the bodywork of the vehicle, which can make use of sensors. This can prove to be difficult to install if you do not have any experience with vehicle electrics.


An immobilizer is one of the best forms of automobile security available. The device prevents the car from being able to run when someone attempts to operate it in a specific way. This will involve fitting a specialized ignition that will shut the car down if it is tampered with or it is operated remotely. It is essential for this type of device to be fitted correctly to ensure it will remain effective. If in any doubt, a professional should be engaged to complete the installation work.      

Steering Lock

There are a range of different steering locks available on the market, which is an easy way to create automobile security. They can be obtained from a large number of suppliers and in a number of different styles. It is possible to enclose the entire steering wheel or use a bar style lock to prevent it being operated. These security devices are easy to use and act as a visible deterrent.    

Remote Locking

A remote locking system will allow you to lock the car at the push of a button rather than using the key. This type of automobile security system will make use of lasers and sensors to operate the lock when necessary. It will only be suitable for certain types of vehicle and will only work properly when fitted correctly. It needs to be connected to the existing locking system so that it can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle in addition to the key.   

Tracking Device

A vehicle that comprises a tracking device will be able to be traced in the event of it being stolen. Although it will not work to prevent the car from being stolen in the first place, it will allow it to be found should the worst occur. They can be fitted within the engine and will communicate with satellites to confirm its precise location. This can be relatively easy to fit, which must be done in an inconspicuous location.

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