Comparing Home Office Desks Comparing Home Office Desks

When choosing suitable home office desks, there are details that you have to consider to ensure that it perfectly complements both your workspace and your efforts. You will have to compare different desks against each other. Below are some of the guidelines you can use to do this:

What Will the Home Office Desk be Used For?

Home offices are mainly used for two main types of work – work that generates lots of paperwork and work that is done by computer.

For the former type of work, the best desk will guarantee lots of space so that all the papers, books, spreadsheets, and files can be easily accessed. If the paperwork is quite bulky, then a desk that has cabinet spaces or shelving will be most pleasant.

Home office computer desks are available if your work involves using a PC or a laptop. Such desks normally have CPU compartments and customized wiring holes (through which all the cords can be passed).

The Ergonomics

Whatever the type of home office desk, you should ensure that you’ll be comfortable with both the height and the sitting position. The height of the desk off the floor is important for the sake of your legs. An average desk height of 30 inches works perfectly for many people. You should also not be squished while seated behind the desk – an allowance of 3½ ft is in order.

For the home computer desk, always try and sample out different keyboard platform heights (so as to find one which won’t strain you or be uncomfortable as you work). Selecting a home computer desk that has adjustable legs or keyboard platforms ensures that different people will also work comfortably from the same workstation.

Surface Material

There are three main types of materials that are used in making home office desks. All of these offer you different advantages and disadvantages.

Veneered and solid wood home office desks are considered to be the most tasteful in terms of choice. These desks are the costliest on the market. They are also very prone to damage, e.g. through denting, and they are therefore not recommended for extra heavy work.

Home office desks made from steel or metal are definitely the most long-lasting. These desks are typically quite strong and can be used for heavy work. They are also quite affordable, but they don’t offer much of a professional appearance.

Laminated desks are undeniably the favorite for many home offices. You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors, as well as varying qualities of laminate. These desks are very durable, attractive, and pocket-friendly.

Desk Shapes

Depending on how your home office space is shaped, there are different desk shapes to complement it. Apart from the common square and rectangle shapes that can fit snugly into corners, there are also L-shaped desks.

Your home office may be the crammed or the expansive type. While an expansive space can comfortably fit a compact desk, a crammed space may have to do with a smaller mobile desk.


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