Comparing Hot Glue Guns

In the do-it-yourself realm of crafts and home projects, a hot glue gun is a great addition to any arsenal. You can use hot glue to adhere anything from delicate laces to sturdy metal materials. There are many options at your fingertips, so you can choose from many different styles and designs to fit your project needs.

Low Temperature Glue Guns

Low temperature glue guns heat the glue at approximately 250 degrees. These glue guns are a great choice if you are working on more delicate projects like lace, floral form or lightweight fabrics. They are also much safer if you have children working on craft projects with you.

High Temperature Glue Guns

High temperature glue guns heat the glue at about 350 to 380 degrees. If you are looking to bond metal, plastic, wood or even ceramic, a high temperature model is the right choice for you.

Dual Temperature Glue Guns

Dual temperature glue guns have a switch for high and low settings. This gun is ideal if you have various projects that need to be tackled around the house. If you are looking to do a craft project with delicate foil ribbon and you need to accomplish a home improvement task all with the same gun, then a dual temperature gun is the right choice for your home.

Manual or Trigger Feed Glue Guns

Manual feed glue guns are designed for you to push the glue through the gun with your thumb or index finger as you go through your project. It’s not too difficult, but does allow more room for error when working on your project. A trigger feed glue gun is very easy to operate. Simply pull the trigger with your index finger as you move through your project. This method gives you control to direct the hot glue exactly where you need it. Trigger feed glue guns do cost more than manual feed glue guns, but can save you time and money as you work through your project more accurately.

Different Sized Glue Guns

You can choose different sizes of glue guns as well. High temperature, low temperature, and dual temperature guns all come in mini or full size options. Mini glue guns are great for smaller craft projects, and easily allow kids to get involved with crafting. They are ideal for small hands to grip, and they can get into to smaller compact areas with ease and control. A full size gun is great for those larger home improvement projects that loom around your house. They dispense more glue to cover large areas and to conquer heavy duty projects.

You can see that there are many choices when purchasing a hot glue gun. Simply evaluate what projects you need to accomplish, and choose the gun that best meets your needs.