Comparing Kitchen Island Carts

Consider your particular need when comparing kitchen island carts. Purpose should dictate what you choose before looks and design. Island carts are excellent additions to your kitchen, especially if it is small and you can't install a permanent island. You might choose a folding kitchen island cart to satisfy space needs. Go for purpose first when comparing portable kitchen island designs.

Cutting Board

Most cooks prefer a wooden cutting board to any other material. It's more blade-friendly than plastic. Furthermore, when comparing kitchen island carts for cutting purposes you might look at built in butcher block tops that eliminate the need to use a separate cutting board.


Many island carts are designed to accommodate a small kitchen appliance like a microwave. Look for a cart that has a built-in electrical outlet with a power cord that can either be attached low for electrical connection, or higher up when the room outlet is up the wall. You can even compare kitchen island carts to accommodate a television so you never miss your favorite cooking show.

Design at Last

Once you have narrowed your choices down to what functions best, then go for the look you want.

Check for an online bargain. Many manufacturers and distributors offer greater savings for internet purchases.