Comparison: Snap-On vs Bolt-On Truck Bed Cover Comparison: Snap-On vs Bolt-On Truck Bed Cover

A truck bed cover is a useful investment with many potential benefits. The cover is basically a sheet of some metal or plastic that is fitted to the bed rails of a pick-up truck. It reduces drag from wind resistance, improving the vehicle's gas mileage. Since many truck owners casually store tools in the beds of their vehicles, the truck bed cover also deters thieves to some extent. There are many options to choose from when selecting a truck bed cover. You can choose between a hard body fiberglass cover or a soft body vinyl cover.

Snap-On Covers

Snap-on covers are a breeze to install. Just push them onto the truck bed rails and they will pop into place. They are just as easy to remove, which is both a strength and a weakness. Since bed covers limit vertical storage space, you might wish to remove the cover frequently.

Bolt-On Covers

Bolt-on covers are significantly more secure, but they are harder to install. For this installation, you might have to drill guide holes into the frame of the truck. You then sink bolts into the holes and lock down the cover with nuts. This type of cover takes longer to remove.

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