Complement Your Gothic Architecture With Gothic Furniture

Gothic furniture is characterized by the same design features that are present in the Gothic style of architecture, also referred to as the French style of architecture. These design features include the use of heavy woods, flying buttresses, ribbed vaults and pointed arches. In furniture these design elements are scaled down and translated as scrollwork, wood carvings and the inclusion of decorative characters like dragons and gargoyles.

Gothic Tables and Chairs

Gothic furniture has international appeal and is found throughout the world. This means that you can find pieces in specialty stores nearly anywhere you go. When shopping for Gothic dining chairs or tables it is important to take scale into consideration. Gothic furniture is heavy, dramatic and very ornate. If you have a small dining room or dining area, you don’t want to overpower the space with pieces that are too big for the space. Instead, select smaller gothic tables and chairs that will better compliment the Gothic architecture of your home.

Selecting Accent and Storage Pieces

In addition to Gothic furniture for your dining room, you can also select Gothic accent pieces. Gothic bookcases, for example, can make a perfect accent for your Gothic architecture. Accent pieces are great for complimenting Gothic architecture without overpowering the entire space with Gothic grandeur and opulence.