Compound Miter vs Miter Saw

While a miter saw is a more powerful version of a circular saw, a compound miter saw is a miter saw with blades that can be used in different ways than a standard miter saw. Here are some comparisons between the two.

Definition of a Compound Meter Saw Compared to a Miter Saw

A compound miter saw has a blade and motor mechanism that work together on an arm that pivots in several directions. It can be used to cut in several angles, up and down, and is very accurate so that these cuts all end up being precisely the same size and shape. A compound miter saw’s blade can also be tipped to allow a person to cut at two separate angles at once.

In contrast, a standard miter saw has a cutting blade that lets you make up and down cuts that are precisely the same, but can’t cut as many different angles as a compound miter saw nor can its blade be tipped to cut at more than one angle at a time. This makes the compound miter a more versatile tool.

Prices of Miter and Compound Miter Saws

Because it provides more functions, a compound miter saw is more expensive than a standard miter saw. Therefore, the bottom line is to figure out what your needs are and then pick either the standard or the compound miter saw that it get the job done most efficiently.