Compression Lugs vs Mechanical Lugs

There are a few differences between compression lugs and mechanical lugs. Lugs are more commonly known as a lug nuts and are a common tool that is used for terminating an electrical conductor. It helps to make a possible connection between mechanical devices by joining electrical wires together.

Compression Lugs

Compression Lugs are a stud-type input power connection. It is typically made of high conductivity wrought copper and has one or two holes to provide a reliable automatic connection, as well as an electro tin plate to reduce corrosion. Compression lugs are also available in aluminum.

There are a few basic types of compression lugs. The one-hole, the splice, the two-hole and a specialty compression lug. These are usually used for telecommunications equipments and utilities, generators, transformers, welding equipment and power distribution equipment. A short barrel lug has only one type, the short one holed compression lug and is usually used for switch gears and motor controls.

    Mechanical Lugs

    Mechanical Lugs are also known as Electrical Lugs. Mechanical lugs are heavy duty lugs that are typically ring shaped and are usually made of high grade electrolyte copper, but they also come in aluminum. They are used for big wires, such as cables. It has 3 types, the plain type which is usually used for general purpose because of its various sizes that can accommodate all types of connectors; the sight hole type is a mechanical lug that basically has the same characteristics as the plain type. The only difference is that it has a bigger hole, although the hole is bigger, it still can hold its place, even under severe vibrations. Finally, the connector type, this type is available in either flared or chamfered barrels.

    Compression Lugs Vs Mechanical Lugs

    Compression Lugs are preferred when dealing with smaller scale connections, while mechanical lugs are preferred when dealing with big electrical connections, such as big constructions or big commercial wires. Mechanical lugs are significantly larger than compression lugs. Compression lugs are commonly used by do-it-yourself enthusiasts because of its variety of sizes and because it is easier to find the correct size and because it gets the job done.

    Mechanical lugs are mostly used when connecting wires that are big such as cable wires. Mechanical wires are commonly used in automobiles because of its make and shape. Compression lugs are usually used in homes or small commercial buildings that require wire connectors. Electrical terminals are used everywhere, when in doubt on which type of lug to go for, ask an expert. Make sure to know the differences and the common types of lugs available.

    Keep in mind that different makes of lugs have different conductivities, some conduct electricity better than others, and consider what it is made of as well, whether it’s made with copper or aluminum. Find out what you should use, whether a copper lug or an aluminum lug. This makes a difference because knowing these will prevent serious accidents like fire and electrocution.