Concrete Block Foundation Ventilation Basics

The correct amount of foundation ventilation is essential to the construction of a strong building. Concrete block foundations must especially be well-maintained, as many problems can arise if the concrete develops cracks or otherwise experiences material distress. The entire building structure depends on the concrete blocks for support so there are several things that must be attended to in order to ensure maximum building health and personal safety. Reinforcing the blocks with steel rods, insulating them properly and using curing compounds to seal the concrete at the time of the final finish are all good ways to maximize the life of the concrete blocks. There are two main elements, however, that must be guarded against to protect the blocks and provide maximum safety and long life of a building. Proper ventilation of the concrete blocks is an extremely important factor in controlling these elements.


Building insulation is important to the overall heating of a building, but it also, unfortunately, seals in water and moisture.


Once the air becomes humid, the moisture that has formed around the concrete blocks will create mold.