Concrete Deck Repair: Resurfacing Your Deck

What You'll Need
Empty bucket
A bag of cement paint
Sand and fine gravel
Cement or concrete blend
Paint brush
Metal stick
Broom, separate bucket, mop
Acrylic bond mix

Concrete deck repair can add more years to the life of a deck. The most important thing to remember when repairing a concrete deck is to ensure that the bond between the old and new concrete is strong enough: one may have to put additional adhesive to the surface; other good alternatives are cement adhesives and acrylic bonds. If you are considering painting the concrete, be sure to wait 30 days before applying. When doing repairs, make sure that it is during cool and cloudy days since too much sun can affect the application of adhesives.

Step 1 – Decide which Adhesive to Use

Determine what type of adhesive is more convenient to use. The acrylic bond mix may be easier to apply for some since it is semi-liquid. On the other hand, the cement should be mixed by hand first before it is applied to the concrete deck. 

Step 2 – Sweep the Surface to be Repaired

Using a broom, sweep the surface diligently and make sure that all stones, dust, and debris are removed from it. The surface should also be washed to remove any grease. The concrete deck should then be rinsed with water; it must be left slightly damp.

Step 3 – Ready the Concrete

Mix the cement in the wheelbarrow. Pour sand and gravel on it. There should be more gravel on the mix; with only a small part of cement added. Add water in a small amount.

Step 4 - Putting the Adhesive

For those who opted to use cement: blend a couple of cups of cement and mix these. Spread the cement over the area to be repaired using a paint brush. Smooth the surface using a trowel. Then, put the concrete immediately on the layer of adhesive.

For those who opted to use a mix of acrylic bond: pour it from the container to the area that needs to be patched up. Using a trowel, smooth the surface; the surface should become white and opaque in appearance. Apply the concrete when the area dries, and becomes clear and transparent.  

Step 5 - Pour in the New Concrete

Even out the repaired area with concrete; make it smooth and even using a trowel. The area should be avoided until it becomes fully dry. After 3 days, finish the job using a sealant.

A single homeowner can complete a simple concrete deck repair alone. However, doing more complicated deck repairs such as replacing damaged decks and slabs, or reattaching stairs may be too much for one homeowner; you may need to enlist competent helpers.