Concrete Driveway Crack Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

If your concrete driveway has cracks and you are going to repair them yourself there are some mistakes you need to avoid.

Putting off the Repair

A crack in a concrete driveway usually starts out small. Because of this you may tend to put off the repair job. If you do this, water can seep under the cement and with freezing and thawing cause heaving of the concrete. This means buckling and cracking. Even if this doesn't happen, a small crack will become a larger crack and eventually create more cracks. So take care of the crack as soon as you notice it.

Using the Wrong Product

There are many products on the market to repair concrete cracks. You can mix and use concrete, but be careful to get it the correct consistency. There is concrete patch that is in tubes like caulking that is easy and convenient to use on smaller cracks. There are epoxy crack sealers that come in tubes ready mixed. Be sure to read the labels of products and decide which is best for your job. Consult your home improvement expert at your local home improvement center for advice on the correct product.


Concrete needs varying times to set up, so, again, read the labels. Take into consideration possible rain or snow and also the temperature before you begin your project.