Concrete Driveway Pavers: Style Options Concrete Driveway Pavers: Style Options

Concrete driveway pavers enhance the appearance and value of your home by creating an appealing and functional driveway space. Driveway pavers are slabs of concrete fitted together in patterns to create a unique and beautiful design. Although concrete interlocking pavers are common in some other parts of the world, they have only recently become popular in the United States. This article will explain several options if you are interested in adding concrete driveway pavers to your home to set it apart and increase its visual appeal.

Different Styles of Concrete Driveway Pavers

Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of designs, colors and styles. Choosing one for your driveway may be a difficult process. However, you may combine concrete pavers to create a multiple-paver pattern. Additionally, concrete pavers are easy to remove once you have set them, so they allow replacement if necessary.

Concrete Pavers by Color

Color is one of the most important elements to consider when you plan to install concrete driveway pavers. Pavers are traditionally designed in earthy tones of brown, grey, yellow or pink. When selecting a color for your paver, consider the color of your house as well as the surrounding landscape or plants. Also keep in mind that concrete driveway pavers may change color over time, depending upon the atmosphere and weather conditions.

Concrete Pavers by Slab Shape

Most concrete driveway pavers consist of a pattern of simple shapes repeated over and over. The shapes may be squares, rectangles, circles or triangles. Occasionally more intricate shapes help to produce elaborate patterns. For a driveway, you should use shapes that interlock completely in order to create a solid foundation. Regular shapes and simple patterns help to stabilize the driveway for your car.

Concrete Pavers by Design Pattern

The selection of patterns of concrete driveway pavers may be overwhelming. The most common designs are a variation of a brick pattern (“stretcher bond”) or a herringbone pattern, in which the pieces of concrete slab are rectangular in shape and laid diagonally. Another typical design is a basket weave pattern, in which small rectangular slabs of different colors are laid in groups to form squares.

Each of these patterns may be elegant and beautiful in the appropriate context. Again, consider the environment and the surroundings before you decide upon a pattern. Additionally, paver slabs that have to be cut into smaller pieces to make more intricate patterns tend to be more expensive than larger, simpler designs. This factor may also help you to determine which paver pattern you choose.

You may find concrete driveway pavers at outdoor supply and home improvement stores.


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