Concrete Driveway Pavers: 6 Design Ideas

Concrete driveway pavers represent just another way that you can create and explore your creative landscaping side. Driveway pavers cost little money but can add a lot of value and curb appeal to your home. The following are several ideas that you can use to inspire your own creative use of driveway pavers.

Idea #1 - Zig-Zag

The zig-zig pattern is a classic design style using brick pavers. When you lay them you create blocks of the pattern. Two bricks side by side going horizontal and another two side by side going vertical. You fill in the blanks spaces like this until you have a square area then you repeat until the driveway is completed.

Idea #2 - Cobblestone

You will be using raised brick or stone pavers. You place them in your driveway in the same staggered manner as you would build a brick wall. This old time look from yesteryear is impressive and can even give you traction in the winter. It can also be hard on your suspension so the height of the stones can factor in immensely.

Idea #3 - Crop Circle

Normally made out of corn stalks by aliens; the same circular patterns can be achieved to beautify your driveway. Since your driveway is long and winding you will have to determine the circumference of the circles, how many you will need, and added bricks to fill in the corners. Once you determine the size of the circle start with the outer ring placing the brick corners together. You can then fill in around the remaining rings. The gaps can be filled in with poured concrete, decorative stones, or sand.

Idea #4 - Landing Strip

This is a unique take on the traditional long driveway. You begin with a red brick paver (or other color if you prefer) and lay them along the edge of the driveway two bricks wide and side by side (you can also place them horizontally if you prefer). The center of the driveway will have the bricks facing the opposite direction. So if you placed the bricks vertically along the edge they will be horizontal in the center. The bricks in the center should be a different color or shade than the ones used as the edge.

Idea #5 - Flagstone

You can find mock flagstones made out of concrete that are stained to certain colors. You would use them the same way you would if you built a patio. They get staggered as close together as possible like a giant puzzle then filled in with sand.

Idea #6 - Urban Renewal

Many of us spend a lot of time making our driveways look pristine and perfect. This design creates the complete opposite to make our driveway look like a work in progress. You would take slabs of concrete that are of the same thickness and begin breaking them apart with a sledgehammer. You can make the pieces as small or as large as you want with the really small pieces being used to fill in gaps and big spaces. Once the concrete is broken you place it as you would flagstone filling the cracks with stone, gravel, or concrete.