Concrete Driveway Pavers vs Poured Concrete Driveway

When you are spending money on your driveway there are many things you can do with it involving poured concrete or concrete driveway pavers. The concrete driveway cost when compared to using pavers is actually too close to call so either choice will be the same hit to the pocket book. So then what are the differences in the two and which, ultimately, is better?


There is no real comparison as concrete driveway pavers cost about the same as poured concrete. The added costs can come when you have to excavate the area you picked out to installed the pavers. Poured concrete is relatively simple to use as it does not take much preparation of intricate designing. If you hire a landscaping firm to do the work you will see a difference in the price but if you do it yourself the time is yours to do with as you please.


Poured concrete is installed in large slabs but pavers are individual pieces of concrete formed in one design or another and pieced together. The durability of concrete in large slabs is vastly more than that of driveway concrete pavers. Both poured concrete and pavers take about the same abuse and many would think pavers would get the brunt of it but think of pavers like you being on a bed of nails. One nail won't support you but 1,000 nails will. While the material is the same concrete slabs actually will break more often than pavers.


When the cost is the same and the durability is neck and neck then you have to turn to how it actually looks. Poured concrete is pretty plain and does not really add anything to the look of your home. Driveway concrete pavers can be placed in many designs to give a look that is appealing as well as add value to your home.

Poured concrete can be stamped and textured to make it have more character but that also further decreases its durability. If the concrete happens to break you will have a rather large undertaking on your hands to repair it back to its original state. How you want your driveway to look is essentially up to you and you should base your decision on what you envision it to look like.

Ease of Repair and Replacement

When something as horrible as a broken driveway occurs you will want to have driveway concrete pavers. If you have large slabs of concrete and you get a crack you can only do three things.

  1. Dig up the entire slab and pour it all over again.
  2. Don't do anything at all.
  3. Patch it.

The first option is very costly for you and the second option is just going to leave an ugly and unsafe mess. The third option is just about as good as the other two because matching the color will be hard plus you will end up with raised spots of concrete.

If a paver breaks you simply have to remove it and set another in its place. It's not costly or difficult.