Concrete Floor Finishing: Textured vs Stained

Concrete floor finishing is evolving by the day and people are no longer content to have the pasty gray finish that was all there was in the past. There are now many methods to create exciting and beautiful results. When comparing the textured and stained concrete finishes, you find that the stained option seems to be considered more favorably as compared to the textured finish. Here are some of those reasons as to why.


Properly installed and designed acid stained concrete floors are elegant and beautiful.  Those well versed in acid staining of concrete floors can imitate granite and marble finishes for an elegant look at a much lower cost. It is difficult to get a textured floor to rival this in terms of beauty and elegance. The textured floor will have a more rugged look.


Due to the physical interference involved in making textured floor finishes, there is a tendency for cracks to develop as a result of the uneven nature of the textured surface. Staining on the other hand involves chemical reaction and does not physically interfere with the concrete floor, which reduces the chances of cracking.


When getting stained finishing for your premises, you will find that there is a large variety in color and styles available to you. This is not so when it comes to textured options as there are much fewer styles to work with.


Cost is the only area where the textured finish beats acid staining. The cost is significantly lower since the time, skills and materials needed are less.