Concrete Floor Paint: Easy Techniques for 5 Attractive Looks

Concrete floor paint can be used to make your floor look great and give it a more glamorous look and feel. Depending on the type of paint and the design wanted, your floor will be transformed from a boring grey to a shiny, bright and beautiful surface. Here are 4 easy techniques that you can use to touch up your home with concrete floor paint. 

1 - Use a Regular Paint Brush or Roller

The most simple and cheapest way of applying concrete floor paint is by using a regular paint brush or roller. For this technique, you just have to have a clean, dry concrete floor free of debris or dust. You should use floor sealer on the surface first, and then you can use the roller to apply the concrete floor paint and the paint brush to touch up the sides, corners or other small areas. You will probably need 2 or 3 coats of paint.

2 - Special Applicators Make it Easy

One easy and less messy way of applying concrete floor paint is by using a special applicator made just for that purpose. There are many on the market that you can choose from. All of them have a container for the paint and a pad on the end that is used to spread the paint. These are simple to use because the pads are disposable and when you are through all you have to do is clean the container and put on a new pad for the next time you use it. This method can be used to not only paint nice straight patterns, but you could vary it up by making patterns in the paint with the pad for a jazzy and modern feel.

3.  Make it Look Like Tile

If you want to get your concrete floor to look like it is covered in tile without actually using tile, you can get that look through careful painting. All that is necessary for applying concrete floor paint for this technique is to paint the floor a light color, then after it dries, tape it off into even-spaced squares.  You might even make it into other shapes or geometric patterns for more variety. Just paint over the tape and after it dries, take off the tape. Your floor looks like it has tiles with light grout lines made by the lighter color paint.

4 - Shaped Sponges Add Creativity

If you already have a painted concrete floor, then perhaps you want to spice it up by making it more creative with shapes, patterns or other designs. All you need are different colors of paint, and sponges cut to the shapes you desire. Then, just dip the sponges into the paint and dab them onto the floor as desired. The possibilities are endless and only your imagination limits what you can do.

5 - Use an Epoxy Coating for Durability

If you are concerned about applying concrete floor paint that will repel stains or spills, then you might want to try the technique of epoxy coating. This also makes a floor that isn’t slippery, so it’s great for areas that get a lot of foot traffic. You can also find epoxy type paints in many different colors and they all work well on concrete surfaces. They can be used for either inside or outside concrete floors.