How Can You Revamp Your Concrete Floor With Paint?

painted faux tiling on concrete floor

There has been a recent revolution in concrete flooring. No longer is it just a functional grey color that you find in old basements. People have discovered that there’s a great deal you can do with paint in order to make concrete floors more decorative. There are several simple ways you can use concrete floor paint to really have a great effect. Indeed, some methods can work to the extent that people might not even believe a floor is concrete until they step on it.

Faux Tiles

You can use concrete floor paint to make your concrete floor look as if it’s tiled. The process is simple. Start by painting the floor a light color. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Then use masking tape to create sections that are either 12x12 inches or 6x6 inches. Paint the floor a darker color, and when it’s dried, pull off the masking tape.

What’s left will look like tiles, and the lighter section will look like the grout between them. You can even use a stencil to apply designs to the faux tiles.

Fake Wood

It’s easy to make your concrete floor look like wood. Use a shade of brown on the and give it ample time to dry. When this is done, you’ll need to create a glaze that’s made up of 4 parts glaze to 1 part brown paint. Make sure the paint is a darker shade of brown than the paint you’ve used on the floor.

Paint a small area with the glaze then pull a wood graining tool over it, working in one direction only. This will create a wood grain effect on your concrete floor. You can find a wood graining tool at most home improvement stores. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the floor. Make sure the wood grain goes in only one direction. Allow the glaze to fully dry and then finish by covering with polyurethane to keep the wood grain finish intact.


You can easily decorate solid color concrete floor paint with stamps in contrasting colors for a lovely effect. You can make a stamp by cutting a piece of sponge or polystyrene to the desired shape. Glue it to a thin piece of wood for backing and glue an old cork to the wood to use as a handle.

Make sure the paint is only lightly applied on your stamp. When the stamps have dried on the concrete floor paint, cover with polyurethane to preserve your design.

Epoxy Paint

If you have an outdoor area that needs painting, you’ll find that epoxy paint makes excellent concrete floor paint. It’s excellent for high traffic areas since it wears well and resists stains. Epoxy paint is available in a number of colors and will resist moisture, making it ideal for patios where the concrete will be exposed to the weather.


You can find concrete floor paint in a very wide range of colors, making it an attractive option for all of your concrete floors. You can paint designs with stencils or you could use a contrasting color as a border to the current floor color. These days, the possibilities with concrete floor paint are as wide as your imagination.