Concrete Floor Repair: How to Patch a Hole

Concrete floor repair is essential in the upkeep of your home, patio or garage. Patching a hole while it is small will help prevent future damage.


Your floor must be clean before you begin working. Remove all dirt and loose material. If the hole is tapered you will need to remove the taper in order for your patch to be strong. 


An adhesive needs to be applied before the concrete filler. Use a paint brush to apply the adhesive, then slowly fill the hole with the concrete filler. The filler should be mixed according to package directions. Do not make more filler than you will use in 20 minutes. If your hole is more than 1/4 of an inch deep you will need to apply the filler in layers. Let each layer dry before you add a new one. Use a trowel to compact the filler and then smooth the surface. Remove any excess filler. 


Once you are satisfied with your patch job cover you need to cover the area with plastic. Place an old garbage bag over the area and weigh it down. Leave the plastic in place for three or four days.