Concrete Garage Floor Sealer: Add a Non-Slip Additive

Having a concrete garage floor sealer can add years to the life of your concrete floor. When thinking about improvements to your garage, you may want to consider adding a this type of non-slip additive to the floor. Here’s why.

Get a New Look

Adding a sealant to your concrete floor can update the look of any garage. You also can usually add acrylic paint to the sealant if you want a personal touch with a color other than cement gray.

Make Cleaning Easier

Adding a sealer to your garage floor will protect it from the elements your car is exposed to on a daily basis. It will help protect the concrete from salt, oil, coolant, rocks and other vehicle chemicals. It’s also a good idea to re-seal the floor every so often to keep it protected. Doing so makes it easier to clean later because it cuts on the dust created from cement, and makes an even surface that is easier to sweep.

Increase Safety

The biggest reason to add a non-slip additive to the sealant is safety. Anti-freeze and oil can be very slippery. A wet garage floor can cause slips and falls. If you have a work area in your garage a non-slip additive is a must. Most can be added directly to your sealer, and some sealers are available with a grit already in the mix. It’s a simple step to take to ensure the safety of everyone in the garage.