Concrete Garden Bench Construction Made Easy

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What You'll Need
Particle-board, melamine-coated
Rubber mallet
Concrete stain
Spray paint
Measuring tape
2x4-inch boards (4)

A concrete garden bench in your backyard can give guests a place to sit, relax, and take in your garden. Creating a concrete bench does not have to be costly or difficult. The following steps will show you how to make your own garden bench from concrete.

Step 1 - Create the Frame

As with any project involving pouring concrete, you need to have a form. If you don't, the concrete has nothing to flow or set in. You will be using the melamine-coated particle-board which will give the concrete a smooth surface. To simplify things, this particular concrete garden bench will be box-shaped with two legs the width of the top.

Measure out two sides of the bench that are 28-inches high and 12-inches wide. You will need two of them. Use the table saw and cut them from the particle-board. On another piece of the particleboard, measure out two more sides both 28-inches long and 36-inches wide.

Fit the pieces together and nail them in place. You will be left with a rectangular box that has no top and no bottom to it.

Step 2 - Prep the Area

Considering you are working with concrete, you need to select an area in your garden where you want the bench and want it for a long time. The finished concrete garden bench will be very heavy making it hard to move (if not impossible).

Once you have your area mapped out you can place the concrete form on it. Use the spray paint and trace the form on the grass, then remove the form.

Use the shovel and excavate the area to a depth of 4 inches. Tamp it down then check the level then excavate more if you have to.

Step 3 - Pour the Concrete

A concrete garden bench.

Place the form back inside the hole you dug and check the level. Adjust if you have to in order to make the form even on all sides.

At this point you can mix the concrete in the wheelbarrow.

Due to the weight of the concrete, you will need to support the form. Cut the 2x4 inch pieces of lumber in half. Dig several holes around the form with one on each end and two on each side. Place boards in the holes flush against the form then hammer them in place with the mallet. You may now nail them to the form.

Pour the concrete inside the form. For a form this size, 100kg of concrete would be needed. Use a piece of leftover lumber to remove the excess concrete. Now you can use the trowel to smooth the top.

Let the concrete set for three or four days to give it time to cure.

Step 4 - Finish Up

Once time is up, you can remove the form from the concrete. You may have to remove dirt to get to the very bottom.

Use some water to clean up the concrete then replace dirt around the legs and bottom of the concrete bench. Stain the concrete if you wish.