Use Concrete Landscape Edging to Highlight Your Garden Use Concrete Landscape Edging to Highlight Your Garden

Concrete landscape edging has become very popular over the last few years. It is used to create a permanent border, which is preferable to a plastic or metal landscape edging.  In order to highlight certain landscaping areas, such as flowerbeds, people use concrete landscape edging.  A concrete border can also be a barrier to invading roots. Lawn mowers cannot ride over the curbing where concrete has been installed.

Step 1 – Blocks for concrete landscape edging
You can purchase concrete blocks for concrete landscape edging at your local lawn and garden center. You can also create your own concrete blocks, which may take a bit longer. You will have to buy pre cast concrete molds, mix the concrete with sand and water. Let it dry for ten minutes, remove the cast and then repeat as many times as necessary.

Most people prefer to buy concrete blocks when it comes to concrete landscape edging to avoid the difficulty and time spent creating their own blocks. If you decide to purchase ready-made blocks you will have more time to spend on the landscaping and edging processes.

Step 2 – Preparing the area
When you are preparing your garden, flowerbed or other landscape area for concrete landscape edging, first mark out the area where you want to put the blocks. You can use stakes or other markers.

Step 3 – Placing the blocks
Dig out the particular section of the ground where the blocks will be used.
Remove about an inch of topsoil. Place the blocks where they belong. Sprinkle on some sand to help them set in.

Step 4 – Finishing touches
Now you can go about finishing the area to make it as beautiful as possible. The concrete landscape edging allows you to use your creativity for the functional needs of your particular landscape site. Remember that concrete landscape edging is best used when you want a permanent landscaped area. It is not the right idea for areas that are not permanent.

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