Concrete Path Molds: Country Stone Pattern Concrete Path Molds: Country Stone Pattern

If you are considering installing a concrete path in a country pattern in your yard or patio area, you have many options in terms of design and color. Here is a quick guide to country stone patterns that will help you narrow your choices.


This type of concrete path design comes is created with a mold that is that is about 1x1 foot in size and consists of a few stone molds. When the path is finished, it looks basically like a mix of different size stones put together. It is easy to do because you can just pour the concrete into the mold for several at a time instead of having to do them one by one. Also, the molds fit into one another so you don't have to do as much measuring or lining up.


This type of design can be done in several different cement colors. Typically you will find gray, brown, red, buff or even green. Today concrete is available in many different colors.


This type of concrete design is available at almost every hardware store as well as on the Internet. You can mix and pour the concrete yourself very inexpensively.

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