Concrete Paver Driveway Installation Tips

A concrete paver driveway is relatively easy to install, and also to maintain. Concrete pavers are resistant and durable, apart from the fact that nowadays they come in various colors and designs. Here are a few basic tips which you should bear in mind when installing concrete pavers yourself.

Tip 1 - Preparatory Work for the Foundation

Prior to starting the installation process it is vital that you prepare the foundation properly to ensure best results. You will need to excavate at least 8 inches deep so as to have an adequate foundation where to lay the crushed gravel. Once the area has been filled make sure that the gravel or rock is well compacted. Then, add a layer of sharp sand all over. Make sure to smoothen this foundation well.

Tip 2 - Laying the Pavers

Once the basis is ready, you can cover with concrete mortar and then start laying the pavers little by little. You need to move linearly, so a string line may help you retain a neat line. Place each paver carefully and embed it in the mortar. It is recommended that you install them at a slight angle so as to enable water to flow away from the driveway rather than being retained on the pavers.

Tip 3 - The Spacing

It will be helpful if you use spacers so as to ensure a neat and even spacing between one paver and the other.

Tip 4 - The Edges

Installing the edging neatly is also important. You can choose to use concrete edgers, or lumber.