Concrete Pavers Concrete Pavers

Many people have never installed concrete pavers before. The good news is that concrete pavers are actually very easy to install if you have the proper directions. By following these few simple steps you can have yours installed in no time.

  • Before you start you should have a good diagram of the area that is going to be paved.
  • When digging to place the concrete pavers you should take into account the foot traffic that will be going over them. For only pedestrians you will only need 4” to 6” of gravel. By digging down to 8” you will allow yourself enough room for all of the base materials.
  • Next you will want to install the base and the restraints.
  • You will then need to screen the bedding sand before you apply the concrete pavers.
  • While installing the concrete pavers be sure to check the alignment of the rows and to check to make sure the pavers are level

Tips for Installing Concrete Pavers

  • When installing the sand bed for the concrete pavers you want to try not to compact the sand in any way as it will throw off that particular area.
  • To help check the alignment of the rows of the pavers you can use a powder string.

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