Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing: Mistakes to Avoid

The key point to pool deck resurfacing is always in the preparation. Both cracked and stained concrete pool decks can be resurfaced by using popular spray down systems for an easy and effective finish. Here are a few tips to help you in your planning and some things for you to consider before resurfacing.

Always use reliable products. Don’t use poor quality because this will ruin the good work you are trying to put in to create the new deck surface. Make sure that the base coats or sealers are of high standard because you don’t want to be repeating the job in just a few years time.

Tip 1: Inventory Prep

Avoid using damaged or broken tools, as this will hinder your efforts and check that you have the correct amount of supplies in compliance with local standards. You don’t want to run out of materials halfway through your job.

Tip 2: Common Sense

Try to avoid working in the rain or in icy conditions, as this will greatly affect the job you are trying to do, so check the weather forecast and try to estimate the time it should take you to complete the work. This simple info will help you plan better.

Tip 3: Pay Attention

Avoid simple mistakes by cleaning thoroughly the pool deck resurfacing area. Otherwise, the same problems will occur in the same places in the future, creating more unnecessary work. Use pressure washers and maybe even a sand blaster for the tiles.

Tip 4: Measure

Avoid taking the wrong measurements because you may need to make minor adjustments. Therefore, you may need to order more supplies and materials than previously estimated. Also, when making your mixes, avoid getting the consistencies wrong because you don’t want mixtures too wet or dry, as this will affect the outcome and ruin the resurfacing process.

Tip 5: Prepare Surroundings

You don’t want to be cleaning up for days after you have finished because you didn’t cover up the areas that you weren’t working on. Protect the areas that you don’t want to be sprayed over, like patios or your prize-winning flowers. This will save a great deal of tidying when you finish the job and ultimately save you from ruining anything unnecessarily.

Tip 6: Designs

Maybe you are just resurfacing your pool deck to make it look newer and more up to date, or maybe you will change the design, so avoid going with a new style just because you liked the look of it in the shop. Consider the surroundings and ask for a second opinion from a professional for the final decorative style.

Pool deck resurfacing can be a success by avoiding the above mentioned mistakes and by using the correct products and tools. The high quality and availability of materials and tools will allow you to be more creative in completing your dream job, and thus rewarding you with excellent results.