Concrete Pool Paint: Do-It-Yourself Project?

If you own an outdoor concrete pool, the paint may occasionally start to peel or become faded and you may want to repaint or reseal the surface of your concrete pool. While many do-it-yourself enthusiasts may be able to tackle this project, there are some things that might make it a job better left to the professionals.

Considerations for Painting Your Outdoor Pool

Repainting or resealing your outdoor concrete pool is a lot of work. In order to even begin painting the pool, you will first need to completely drain the pool, and then use a very strong (and potentially dangerous) acid solution to wash the concrete surface of your outdoor pool. Not only are these acid-based cleaning solutions dangerous, they can be deadly. If you allow the soluction to dry to quickly, the concrete in your pool may actually start to crack.

There are many other things to consider when resurfacing repainting or resealing your outdoor concrete pool; so, to avoid potentially damaging your concrete pool or becoming sick because of the hazardous chemicals used in preparing the pool for painting or resealing, you might be better off simply calling a pool professional.