Concrete Saw

Using a concrete saw to cut up landscaping boulders is one of the most efficient ways of determining where the rock will split. People may want to cut their landscaping boulders this way to either make them more manageable or to decorate. To cut a boulder with a concrete saw you will need:

  • One concrete saw
  • A Chisel
  • A Sledge Hammer

To cut the boulder, find a vein in the rock and cut a 2 inch deep groove in it with the concrete saw. A vein will be a long thin strip of rock that is differently colored than the rest. The vein will make it easier for the rock to break. Put the chisel inside of the groove and hit it with a sledgehammer until it breaks open. Some types of rock, like slate, will be much more easily broken then others.

Concrete Saw Basics

A concrete saw is much like a circular saw, with a large rotating blade, hand held versions are used by construction workers to cut pieces of concrete. You can rent a concrete saw for personal use or hire someone to use it for you. There are certain safety procedures that must be followed when using this type of a tool.