Concrete Spalling: Repair or Replace?

You've recently poured a concrete sidewalk and now see peeling on its surface, and you're now preparing for concrete spalling repair. But you're wondering if you should replace the entire sidewalk or slab, instead of repairing it. To answer this question, refer to the information below.

Repairing Spalled Concrete

In choosing between replacing and repairing spalled concrete, you will need to understand that spalling (chipping or flaking) of concrete is not likely to affect smaller, individual concrete areas. Usually, it's the entire concrete pour. This means, if you choose slab repair instead of replacement, you'll likely need to repair the entire slab. This will involve removing the top ½" to 1" layer of your spalled concrete and replacing it with a new top layer. It may also require you to roughen any smooth surface left after you've removed the spalled layer.

Replacing Spalled Concrete

Replacement may seem to be a simple solution, but keep in mind that you'll need to replace your entire slab. Although you may see only limited areas of spalling, if not replaced or repaired, the entire surface will eventually become spalled. In replacing, avoid using the same concrete mix proportions, finishing techniques, or contractors involved in the initial pour. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to replace your new pour.