Concrete Stamping: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Concrete stamping is a process that mimics the old architectural wonders of cobblestones. In fact, the process does not involve a lot of money as compared to tiling or any other related endeavor. While concrete stamping can result in very artistic walkways, patios, sidewalks, etc, keep in mind that it involves exact science and good labor. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in order to get any concrete stamping project right the first time around.

1.  Choosing the Wrong Mix

While concrete stamping obviously involves concrete, it does not mean that any proportion of concrete mixtures can be used. Unless you have great confidence in mixing the right amount of mortar, sand and water to come up with the right mix, it is best to order ready-mixed products and have them delivered.

2.  Picking the Wrong Pattern

A beginner attempting to create a very exquisite pattern on a concrete stamping project is most likely to create a lot of errors in the overall look of the concrete. Even a small error in the stamping can be amplified many-fold. Make sure to plan the pattern , prepare the right tools and materials needed for the job, and of course assemble skilled people who will get the job done. Those who have good experience in stamping usually place a layout pattern first before pouring in the concrete. However, beginners should stick to basic patterns or at least acquire the help of a professional. None of these steps should be ignored so that the project will definitely result in a success.

3.  Insufficient Crew

Labor is indeed crucial, but just how many people are needed for the job? That depends on how wide the concrete structure is. After the concrete is poured, leveled and treated with surface release powder, the clock is ticking and there is only a limited time to stamp the surface. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient help to do the process of stamping in the least amount of time in order to come up with the desired results.

4.  Picking Unrealistic Colors

Choosing the correct color provides an illusion, and that illusion can only seem realistic if the colors are realistic. Choosing colors is both a science and an art. The shades of color to choose from must be based on the surroundings and the illusion to be created. Choosing the wrong color can waste a lot of time, effort, and ultimately, money. Therefore, it is best to consult experts on the matter of choosing color for stamped concrete.

5.  Forgetting to Seal

Stamped concrete has to be sealed properly for it to last. Proper sealing preserves the colors as well as the texture. It also prevents the concrete from getting discolored by molds, stains, and other contaminants. After sealing, the concrete should be cleaned regularly and resealed after a few years. Resealing will depend on how much traffic the concrete is getting. For best results, make sure to reseal the concrete structure every 2 years.