Connecting your Dryer Vent to an Exhaust Recirculation System

What You'll Need
Electric Tape
Metal Duct
Elbow Duct
Intersection Duct
Extension Covering
Metal Snips
Leather Gloves

Connecting your dryer vent to an exhaust recirculation system is a fairly painless and swift task to accomplish, but you must carefully follow all steps so there is no leakage of heat. Leaking would lead to higher energy bills and completely defeat the purpose of having a exhaust recirculation system in your home. 

Step 1 - Measure From Your Dryer to Your Exhaust Recirculation System

You need to measure how far it will be from the exhaust output on your dryer to the recirculation system. It would be more beneficial if there was an open outlet near your dryer because the less metal duct you install the better. The longer the metal duct the more risk for leaks, incidental and accidental damage and will ultimately be more expensive and time consuming. If you can move the dryer closer to the recirculation console, it will cut down on those risks.

Step 2 - Purchase the Correct Items Based on Your Measurements

Purchase the correct amount of metal ducts and elbow ducts based on the measurements you took. Do not use more than 25 feet of duct when piecing together your vent and subtract 5 feet for every 90-degree elbow you use and 2.5 feet for every 45-degree elbow you use.  You will also need to buy an intersection duct, which is a duct that has three openings instead of just two.

You can also purchase an extension covering. This is a flimsy compacted spiral wire that is covered in vinyl. It will help cut down on damage to the metal duct and will also help with leakage. Be careful what size duct you purchase because the extension cover will have to be placed over it and strung along the length.

Step 3 - Turn Off Your Furnace

Since your recirculation console is connected to your furnace you will need to turn that off first so that you can complete the work safely.  You do this by shutting off the gas in your home. This is to ensure that there can be no harm to you are damage done to your home.

Step 4 - Connect the Dryer to the Recirculation Console

Begin to piece together the metal ducts from the exhaust vent on the dryer to the recirculation console. If you need to cut the metal duct makes sure you wear leather gloves and use metal snips to cut to the length you need. The intersection duct will connect to the input duct your furnace was connected to. With the new duct with 3 openings, you will be able to connect both the furnace and the dryer to the recirculation console. The reason for doing this is because the exhaust from the dryer needs to be taken into the console so that it may be recirculated around your home.

Once this is done, use the electrical tape to secure all connections from all three devices (the furnace, console and dryer). Be careful to use as little tape as possible because too much tape can actually cause damage to the ducts. Once all this is done, turn your gas back on and make sure that there are no leaks.