Conserve Energy Using a Clip On Desk Lamp Conserve Energy Using a Clip On Desk Lamp

A clip on desk lamp not only adds light to your desk space but also uses less energy than a regular lamp. If you are looking to conserve energy, read the information below which describes how a clip-on lamp uses less energy while still lighting a space efficiently.

Output is Smaller than Normal Lamps

Because a clip on desk lamp is smaller in size, it uses less energy to light an area. Additionally, the output of the lamp is not as large as those with a larger bulb and surface area. This kind of desk lamp is ideal for those who desire to conserve energy and have a smaller area to illuminate as it easily does both.

The LED Lights Conserve More Energy

Most clip on desk lamps use an LED light, which uses 20 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb. Also, certain models use a minimal amount of power when turned off and not in use unlike other desk lamps. Additionally, LED lighting is environmentally friendly and does not contain hazardous substances such as Mercury vapor which are present in fluorescent bulbs.


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