Consider a Country Kitchen Design for the Home Consider a Country Kitchen Design for the Home

Country kitchen designs never go out of fashion. Warm and sunny with the colors of nature, this charming look will always be loved. Mixing different wood textures, pretty fabrics, and homely accents, creating this look can be done on a tight budget. When considering this design, the beauty of decorating in this style is that some pieces can be purchased second hand, further adding to cost savings. Here's a guide to designing a country kitchen.


Country means wood, and lots of it. Benches, cupboards, cabinets, tables, chairs, and floors are ideally a mixture of wood types. Timber is the least costly and can be stained in varying tones to replicate some of the more expensive woods.


Timber flooring is in typical country style. Tiles are a good flooring option too, but choose earthy tones to compliment the wood tones.


Tables, chairs and cabinets can be either stained or lime-washed in a pastel shade. Chairs can be mismatched, adding to the charm. Timber floors can also be lime-washed.


Wooden or metal buckets filled with dried flowers or planted with fresh flowers will bring the garden inside. A big picnic basket is a nice feature to sit in a niche. Willowy curtains and tablecloths with floral or damask prints complete the country look.

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