Consider An Indoor Wall Fountain Consider An Indoor Wall Fountain

By Garth Epp

Summary: Put relaxation first when planning the indoor decoration of a new home by incorporating an indoor wall fountain.

Building, fitting, and furnishing a new house can be a difficult process. Assuming you've settled on a design or an existing house, it will still be difficult to decide how you're going to make good use of each room, how you want each room to "feel", and what features, fittings, and furnishings you're going to use to achieve that. For creating the best relaxing environment you can in the space you have to work with, it's worth keeping in mind that first and foremost, we build and buy houses to keep ourselves sheltered and safe, the better to work, recreate, and rest. It follows, then, that the sensible approach to planning the indoor decoration of your new home is to put these considerations first. In order to do that, it isn't necessary to plan for knick-knacks and ornaments in every room.

The best decorations are the ones that don't take up any room, such as framed photographs or paintings, mirrors, and clever use of overhead lighting. In central locations like the dining or family room, seasoned indoor decorators are making great use of innovative ideas like wall water fountains to create the restful atmosphere people want for their homes.

If you keep things simple, you get to keep costs down, and you don't run the risk of making your house too cluttered. When making purchases specifically for decoration (rather than functional items like furnishings), objects for walls or corners are best, as you aren't forced to sacrifice space for living in favor of space for things, and you allow yourself room for the incidental stuff we all manage to pick up over the years. For a really stunning effect in your most spacious common room, consider the benefit that indoor wall water features offer. Many new homes are designed with central reverse-cycle air conditioning. While this can provide pleasant temperatures year-round, most models dry the air out, whether heating or cooling. A wall water fountain has a lot of surface area from which water can evaporate, which it will do more readily in the presence of dry air. This natural ambient humidifying effect can reduce the incidence of colds and respiratory infections, which commonly result when the membranes of your sinuses or throat dry out in your sleep.

In addition to the possible health benefits and stunning look that such a wall features provide, they also produce the constant, gentle white-noise of a quiet stream, which is relaxing in itself, but perhaps more importantly, will tend to cancel out the less pleasing hum of your refrigerator, computers, appliances, and consumer electronics.

Garth Epp wants to help people experience the soothing benefits of incorporating interior water fountains into their homes and offices.

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