Consider Installing Faux Bricks

Many homeowners opt for faux bricks over the genuine variety. The faux alternative provides a creative building solution to homeowners. These bricks are made from various materials. Special plastic such as polyurethane may be used to create some type of brick veneer or panel. These have different thicknesses for various applications. They can be applied onto various existing surfaces to create a new look. Other manufacturers use lightweight material such as quartz sand or cement which is cured to yield durable bricks of various colors. Vermiculite or recycled paper and cardboard can also be used to produce the bricks. The brick façade can help to transform your home at a lower cost. If you want the look of brick but with fewer hassles, consider the faux alternative. Below are 5 benefits.


Simulated bricks cost considerably less than real bricks. They can be installed over large areas without financial constraints. This helps to scale down your construction costs. If real bricks are to be installed over a large area it becomes costly. The lower budget involved for faux alternatives contributes towards faster completion of projects. It is a great way to give your home a makeover on a low budget.


Faux bricks can be applied to various surfaces in the home. The brick is available in different styles, textures and colors. You can use these bricks on floors, siding, ceilings and walls. They can also be used in small spaces and areas where real bricks would be too heavy or cumbersome to use. This makes it easy to achieve whatever design you have in mind.

Ease of Installation

Brick veneer can be installed easily and quickly. It doesn’t involve the rigors involved in installation of regular bricks. This contributes towards lower costs. No specialized tools or skills are required for installation. The panels can be quickly cemented, glued or screwed into place. The lightweight nature of the material also makes it easier to handle than genuine bricks, which are heavier. They require more effort and time to handle which extends the time for project completion.


Simulated brick is a relatively durable material. The weatherproof quality makes it ideal for both interior and exterior applications. You need not worry about the effects of moisture and temperature on your simulated bricks. Special ingredients are incorporated during manufacture to fortify the bricks against UV effects. The bricks are also bug resistant. They do not crumble with time like real bricks. You don’t have to worry about plant growth in between the bricks. When properly installed, they can last several years. This makes it a cost-effective solution for various home construction purposes.

Environmental Friendly

Materials used in the manufacture of faux bricks are recyclable. Some of them are by-products obtained from other manufacturing processes. This helps to preserve on existing raw materials. Some of the materials are even sourced from landfills. This helps to reduce the landfill contents. It supports responsible environmental management practices.