Consider These Three Types of Insulated Glass Doors Consider These Three Types of Insulated Glass Doors

Insulated glass doors are extremely efficient at both retaining and expelling heat. If you are considering installing insulated doors in your home, please read the information below as to the three main types of insulated glass doors and how each help to reduce heat from entering your home.

Standard Doors

The most common insulated glass doors utilize a simple double pane design which contains dehydrated air in between the two panes. This can reduce the heat transfer by as much as 25 percent compared to traditional doors.

Metallic Oxide Coated Doors

Other doors utilize a coating on each of the two panes of glass which is made out of a metallic oxide. The most expensive models utilize a metallic oxide coating along with an argon or krypton gas in between the two panes. These two gasses have a natural tendency to slow the movement of heat, allowing the door to become even more efficient at reducing the heat transfer. Doors of this type are able to reduce heat transfer by as much as 50 percent compared to standard doors.

Silver Oxide Coated Doors

Silver oxide is the most common coating for an insulated glass door. Most doors that utilize silver oxide coating contain dehydrated air. These doors are able to offer a 30 to 35 percent decrease in heat transfer. While some silver oxide coated doors do utilize argon or krypton gasses, they are less common and only increase the door's heat protection by 5 percent.

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