Consider These Tips for Fashioning a Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

A new trend in children bedrooms and playrooms, as well as in kitchen and dining rooms, is to have a magnetic chalkboard wall. A chalkboard wall will inspire the young artists in the family, while making clean up a breeze for mom. A magnetic chalkboard wall is the perfect place to stay organized in a home office. Family notes can be left, and important papers will hang well on the family message board in the kitchen, made from magnetic chalkboard wall paint.  

Magnetic paint is applied to the wall. Several coats may be necessary to get the right effect. After the magnetic paint has dried, chalkboard paint is applied directly over the magnetic paint. Again, several coats may be required. The results is a wall that can be written on with chalk and easily erased, and a place to display special art projects, notes, memos, and letters. Before taking the plunge and turning a wall into a chalkboard wall, here are some tips to make the process easier.

Choose a Color

Chalkboard paint can be purchased off the shelf in colors of black and traditional green. But, many people don’t know that custom tinting is available at paint stores. Some home improvement stores may also be able to tint chalkboard paint.


If the chalkboard paint is going on a porous wall, like a concrete basement wall, use a regular primer. The concrete will suck up the paint primer, requiring several coats. Since regular paint primer is cheaper than magnetic primer, you will save a lot of money by painting with regular primer first. Otherwise, you’ll end up have to use 2 cans of the expensive magnetic primer.

Smooth Walls

Any small bump or divot will show up on a magnetic chalkboard wall. If your wall is rough or has dents, holes, or other imperfections, than it is a good idea to sand the wall first. 

Test The Magnetism

Most magnetic paints require at least 3 coats to be able to hold magnets. Paint the walls evenly so that the magnetism is the same strength for the entire area. After each coat has dried thoroughly, test several areas by sticking a magnet to the wall. If any area is not as magnetic as it should be, add another layer of paint. It is best to let the magnetic primer paint cure for at least 24 hours before the chalkboard paint is applied.

Even Layers

Most manufacturers of chalkboard paint say that the more the paint is “worked” the less effective it will be. So, apply the chalkboard wall paint in as few strokes as possible. Several coats will most likely be needed, but please allow at least 3 hours for previous paint coat to dry before applying another coat. Let the paint set for 3 days.

Coating of Chalk

Prepare the chalkboard by covering the entire chalkboard surface with a layer of chalk, and then erase the whole thing with a felt cloth.  Finally, wipe the board with a damp cloth. The very thin layer of chalk remaining on the board will make future chalk drawings and writings work better.