Consider Using Cap Stones for Your Walkway Consider Using Cap Stones for Your Walkway

One of the more versatile walkway building materials are cap stones. Typically, cap stones are used for finishing off a rock wall, or with the use of steps in your landscape. However, there are plenty of types of cap stones that can be used in the building of a walkway, and even a patio. If you are still thinking about the type of material you want to use for your walkway, here are some reasons to consider using cap stones.

Color Customization

When it comes to setting down a walkway, many people want to have some personality and character added to make it their own. Walkways that have a little color to them give a sense of style other than something that you just walk on. Using flat cap stones will give you the option of being able to choose from a wide variety of different colors for creating a personal place. If the color is not available at the home center, you also have the option of being able to place a custom order. 

Shapes and Textures

Cap stones, because they are usually used for finishing off stone walls, are available is a wide variety of shapes. These shapes can be square, rectangular, circular, multi-angular, and many others. This gives you a lot of freedom in what the walkway will look like and how you can personalize it. The textures are also just as varied. With different textures, slopes, and angles on the top of the cap stones, there is built in water runoff, and non-slip surfaces. 

Ease of Installation

Working with cap stones is pretty much like putting together a puzzle. However, this puzzle is fairly easy. By lining up the edges of the cap stones you can quickly lay down a complete walkway without a lot of problems, or cutting of the stones. With a stack of cap stones next to your work area, you can breeze through the installation to have time later for enjoying a pleasant walk through your garden.


Cap stones have come along way in the expense that pose to the homeowner. When compared with some of the different cement pavers that are on the market today, the cost is much better and more economical if you have a large walkway that you want to finish. 

Consistency in Look

There are two parts of a garden walkway. There is the part that you walk on, and then there is the part that frames the walkway in. Using cap stones as your source of material for the walkway, you have a more consistent look when it comes to both of the walkway and the border. Standing cap stones on their edge is a nice looking border presentation. 


When you build a walkway you want to know that there is not going to be any problems when it comes to the longevity of the stones. Cap stones, because they are built to endure the harshest of weather as a top of a stone wall, are incredibly strong and long lasting. With cap stones lining your walkway, you can go years without having to replace one. 

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