Consider Vinyl Log Siding for a Rustic Look Consider Vinyl Log Siding for a Rustic Look

A vinyl log siding presents a durable and cheaper option for people searching for a budgeted way to replicate the rustic ambience associated with wooden panels. Some vinyl log sidings are being retailed as exact replicas of popular lumber choices like cedar shake sidings. A vinyl log siding should be seriously considered because it offers the following qualities:

Wood Grain Aesthetics

To ensure that the much-wanted rustic appearance of a vinyl log is not compromised, manufacturers now offer vinyl siding panels with brilliant wood-grain patterns. This makes the vinyl log siding very similar to actual wooden logs.

Appreciable Insulation Performance

Just like wood, vinyl log sidings are good insulators of heat. This is primarily because they are prepared from PVC, which is an established insulation material. Each vinyl log is made of many layers of rolled and compressed polystyrene panels that helps to conserve the internal energy of the house.

Weatherproof & Low-maintenance Features

Vinyl log sidings offer a distinct advantage over wooden sidings since they don’t need annual maintenance in the form of painting, staining or other repairs. Vinyl sidings are impermeable to moisture seepage—most of them are waterproof. The shades of vinyl sidings are maintained for a longer period since the siding surface is inert to heat or chemical reactions. Vinyl sidings don’t splinter or crack even if subjected to extreme weather or neglectful handling.

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