Considerations For Children's Toy Boxes

When either purchasing or building children's toy boxes, there are several factors to take into consideration. A toy box may be the most important piece of bed or playroom furniture (next to a crib or bed). Therefore, choosing the right one for your child’s room is an important decision. Toy boxes are made from different materials and come in different sizes, shapes and themes.

Material Type

Toy boxes are basically made from two types of materials – wood and plastic. Although you might find metal used for toy boxes, this is rare. Wood and plastic toy boxes each have distinct advantages.

Wood is durable and versatile. Although a wood toy box may reveal decorated baby themes, these can be changed as the child matures and develops a different style. Wood can be re-sanded, re-finished and re-furbished as necessary. Wood can be heavy and hard to move by a young child if not on casters.

Plastic is lightweight and less expensive than wood baby toy boxes. Unfortunately, it does not have the same adaptability as wood. More than likely a plastic toy box will already possess a shaped design, color or theme that cannot be easily changed as a wood toy box can.


You can either make a toy box to fit a pre-selected size, like a bench-style under a window or a foot-locker type at the end of a bed. Keep in mind it needs to have a size that allows a child to easily open it. Wide is good, especially if you install multiple compartments with separate lids. Sometimes it is a wise idea to either make or purchase several smaller toy chests to accommodate different type toys, for example, play race cars in one with action figure dolls in another (or baby dolls in one with accessories in another).


Recognizable shapes add a different dimension to toy storage. These can also be tied into a themed approach, and you can purchase a toy box shaped like a fire engine or a princesses’ castle. Different shaped toy boxes can reflect a child’s interest in many areas from sports to animal buddies.


The location you want to place your new toy box may play a determining factor in your choice. You may decide to construct a bench-like toy storage chest along one wall or under a window that will act as seating when closed. Some unique styled toy chests are drawers that recess into the wall and are placed at levels low enough for a child to access. Permanently attached toy chests will become everlasting features of the room, so consider their application carefully.


Many commercially available toy chests offer a wide variety of theme choices from ones based on popular childhood stories and television characters to simple colors and shapes. Bright colors are popular choices, helping stimulate children visually. Favorite occupations themes are also prominently marketed that include fire engines, racing cars, airplanes, princess castles, fairy castles, barns and other fantasy produced shapes and characters.