Considering a Horse Chestnut Tree?

The horse chestnut tree or Aesculus hippocastanum, are flowering trees much like a buckeye tree. They have great white flowers in the spring and nice green seed pods for the rest of the season.

How to Grow a Horse Chestnut Tree

There are a few important things to consider before planting a horse chestnut tree.

  • The horse chestnut tree is hardy in zones 3-8.
  • They do best in full sun with well-drained, moist, rich soil. They will not do well in drought conditions.
  • Depending on your climate, they should be planted in spring or fall.
  • Your horse chestnut tree will come from the nursery in a container. They should be placed in a hole about 3 times bigger than the container. The top of the root ball should remain even with the ground.

After planting

Once your horse chestnut tree is planted, care is very simple. Water the new tree at regular intervals. After a few years the tree will require less care. Occasional pruning will be all that it will need. Be sure to do this in the winter dormant months.

Horse chestnut trees will add interest to your landscape. They will add beauty alone, or as a showy border for your property.