Console Table Console Table

A console table is a table used to place decorations, knick knacks and other items such as lamps on. They are sometimes attached to walls, but can also be freestanding against a wall. Any location for a console table is appropriate as long as it provides its functional purpose.

What are the Designs of a Console Table?

A console table comes in many designs, shapes and colors. The most popular design is a square shape. The square shape console table is the most desired because it is very versatile and easy to fit in many areas.

A console table is often placed by an entry way. When it is placed by the entry way it serves two purposes. The first is that it adds style to the entryway. The second is functionality. A console table can serve as a place to put things when you walk in the doors. These things are often keys, handbags, sunglasses and more. 

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