Construct an Outdoor Fireplace Pit Construct an Outdoor Fireplace Pit

An outdoor fireplace pit is an excellent addition to any backyard landscape. It allows for many entertaining opportunities and, if constructed properly, beautifully enhances the backyard landscape. Constructing one doesn’t take dozens of blueprints or expensive landscapers, just a shovel and a few hours of hard work.

Materials Used

You will need to construct your fire pit out of firebrick with a concrete cap of weathered stone. Concrete blocks also work to surround your fire pit. Use pea gravel to border the fire pit. You will need digging tools and sand as well.

Size of Your Outdoor Fireplace Pit

Fire pits can be any size, but the most common size is 24 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep to accommodate logs. If you have a noncombustible surface, you may also consider building it at ground level. Be sure to find a safe spot for your fire pit, away from the house or any materials that may burn easily, such as dry wood or brush.

Constructing Your Outdoor Fireplace Pit

Once you have decided where to build your fireplace pit, roughly outline the size of the fire pit in the ground. Dig that circle about a foot deep. Dig one more hole in the center of this one of 6 to 7 inches in circumference and 8 to 12 inches deep.

Filling-In Your Outdoor Fireplace Pit

Use the pea gravel to fill in these two holes, and add sand about three inches from the top of the pit. Once the wholes are filled, border the pit with the concrete blocks or stones. Do not cover inside of the hole. Cover around the pit one to two stacks high to stop any burning logs or sticks from rolling away.

Other Material Options

You may choose to install marble or granite on the outside of the fireplace pit walls. Do not install marble or granite inside the pit as it will blacken from the heat from the fires. If you are installing a gas fire pit, you can pick up a simple metal ring inexpensively from a local hardware store. Install the gas fed pipe when constructing the fire pit, but be sure to store the source of the gas far away from the fire pit. If you are uncertain about any part of building your outdoor fireplace pit, you may want to get more advice from a professional.

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