Constructing a Makeshift Firewood Carrier Constructing a Makeshift Firewood Carrier

What You'll Need
Cloth of some sort (large piece of canvas, a tarp, or anything else that is sturdy)
Two 2x4s, 10 feet long
Circular Saw
Saw horses
Staple gun with 1/2 -inch staples

When you need to carry wood into the house in a hurry, a quick, makeshift firewood carrier will help you get the job done. If your wood pile is a distance from your home, ringing in a few pieces at a time, can be laborious, especially in bad weather. You can make firewood carrier quickly with regular items you have on hand.

Step 1: Lay out Material

Once you have the material you want to use, lay it out to its full width. Check it all over to ensure that there are no rips that will open when you fill it with wood.

Step 2: Cut Material to Size

While you don't want to spend too much time or money building the firewood carrier, it needs to be able to carry a significant amount of wood without too much trouble. The point is to carry the maximum amount of wood in a single trip. A small, thin carrier won't do the job.

Measure the material to a width of 3 ½ feet. Then measure it to a length of 8 feet. Cut out using scissors or shears if cutting through canvas.

If your 2x4s are not already cut down to 10-foot lengths, do that now. Place the wood on sawhorses with the scrap material hanging off the edge of one of the supports. Measure 10 feet and mark the lumber. Cut off cleanly with a circular saw. While you have the 2x4 on the sawhorses, take a carpenter's square and lay it on the edge of the wood the straight edge is along one side and the 45-degree angle is on the wood. With the tip of the square on the very edge of the lumber, run your pencil down the angle side. Cut off this little piece to make a handle for easier carrying. Do this to both sides of each 2x4.

Step 3: Build the Firewood Carrier

Lay the 2x4s on the sides of the material with each one 6-inches in from the side. The lumber should be standing on its edge, not laying its face. Fold the material over the 2x4 and pull it tightly. Staple it to the wood with ½-inch staples. Do the same to the other side. You should have a 3-foot span of material in between the 2 pieces of wood.

Step 4: Load up with Firewood

Take the firewood carrier out to the wood pile and stretch it out. Stack the wood until it starts to get too heavy to lift comfortably. Life up one end of the firewood carrier and start walking towards the house. The other end will simply drag on the ground. If you have a helper, have him pick up the other end so the two of you can carry the wood easily.

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