Constructing a Mosaic Patio Table Top: Mistakes to Avoid Constructing a Mosaic Patio Table Top: Mistakes to Avoid

Mosaic patio tables can create beauty and interest while also allowing the homeowner's creativity to be showcased. When working with mosaic tiles there are a few things to remember.

Spacing - Do not place the tile so far apart that the mosaic quality is lost and or so closely the grout is weakened. Be sure to leave at least 1/4 inch spacing for ideal grouting. However, if the tiles are spaced too far apart, the beauty of the mosaic is lost because the overall picture cannot be seen.

Multiple Textures - Having different materials and textures on the tiles can add a very interesting effect to the artistic piece but can disrupt the function of the table top. Be sure to consider how the final surface of the table will be used when deciding on the depth and relief of the tiles. If needed, the top of the table can be covered in a sheet of resin to create a smooth finish and not hinder the surface of the tabletop.

Elements - Consider the weather in your area when deciding on the types of tiles for outdoor tables. All grout sealant can be used to secure the table from some damage if needed.

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