Constructing a Pump House That Will Last

water flowing through pump into well
  • 5-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-1,500
What You'll Need
2x4 lumber
Metal siding
2x6 posts
Roofing nails
16d nails
Door hinge and clasp
Circular saw
Post-hole digger
Tin snips
Quick-drying cement (optional)

A pump house can help keep your water pump safe from damage and out of the elements. This strong, sturdy building will save you money in the long run, protecting your pump from potential costly maintenance.

Depending on how elaborate you want to make your house and what your current needs are, you could turn your pump house into a storage shed, outdoor bathroom, or even a workshop. This simple pump house is an easy task for even a beginner do-it-yourselfer.

Step 1 - Prepare Ground and Set Posts

person holding a post hole digger

Use the post-hole digger to dig holes four feet apart. Dig the holes below the frost layer in your area. A hole at least 24 inches is usually deep enough.

Set in the posts so they rise about four feet above ground, with the front posts at least six-inches taller than the back posts. Then, either backfill the holes with dirt and tap until it is secure, or set the posts in quick-dry cement.

Step 2 - Build Sides and Back

Using the circular saw, cut the 2x4 lumber down to the correct lengths and begin nailing lengthwise to the posts. Make sure you wear the proper safety gear when using a circular saw, like eye goggles and gloves.

If you want a different look, you can use a top, bottom, and middle brace, and nail the 2x4s vertically. Do this all the way around three sides—the front of the pump house will be a door. Then, line the insides of the walls with insulation to protect against freezing weather.

Step 3 - Build and Attach a Door

person building a shed

Build a basic square frame that will fit the dimensions of the front opening. Line it with the 2x4s as you did with the walls. Then, attach two door hinges to one side and secure to the front of the pump house. Attach a handle; you can make a simple one from a block of wood. Add a clasp to keep the door secured. While this is a simple door, you can experiment by building more advanced doors for a fancier or more-secure pump house.

Step 4 - Put on the Roof and Paint

Cut the metal siding to size using the tin snips and place it on the top of the 2x6 posts. Nail it securely to the posts and 2x4 sides.

Once you have the roof on, you can then paint the building or seal it to protect it from rain, snow, and other weather elements to make it last.