Constructing and Installing Parallel Bars in Your Home Gym

Constructing and installing parallel bars in your home gym is a good investment as these bars can be a long-lasting addition to your backyard. Your whole family can get in the act with these bars that will remind you of your childhood days. At the same time, you’ll be guaranteed an excellent workout. 

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Powered digger
  • Concrete
  • Wooden posts
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Galvanized pipes
  • Nuts, bolts, and washers
  • Wrench
  • Level
  • Braces 

Step 1 – Plan a Location in Your Backyard 

Parallel bars are best installed outdoors. Don’t worry because they’ll be able to endure extreme climates. Make sure you have enough space in your backyard for the installation. Choose a grassy area, so that it’ll be easier for you to install the concrete anchors, and so that there will be a cushion for your landing when you use the bars. 

Step 2 – Purchase the Materials 

Plan how long you want your parallel bars to be, how high you want them to be, and how far apart you want to set them. Ideally, the bars will be higher than your height and slightly greater than shoulder-width apart. Use tees to mark the earth where the four posts will be installed. Make sure to take these measurements with you to your local home improvement store. Pay special attention to the wooden posts and galvanized pipes that you’ll be purchasing. They should be high quality and weather-sturdy. 

Step 3 – Install the Pipes 

Sand the edges of the wooden posts for safety. Be especially conscious of the tops of the posts. Make a hole around 5 inches down the top of one of the wooden posts, using your drill and a 35-millimeter bit. The hole should be 75 millimeters deep. Do so for each of the four wooden posts. Insert the galvanized pipe into the hole. such that they connect 2 of the wooden posts. 

Step 4 – Bolt In the Pipes 

With your drill, make a hole through the segment where the pipe and post connect. Use nuts, bolts, and washers to secure the pipe in its position. Tighten with a wrench. Repeat for each of the pipe-post connections. 

Step 5 – Set the Foundation for the Posts 

Use a powered digger to bore a hole 600 millimeters deep into the earth, where you’ve marked each post to be. The auger should be 200 millimeters wide. You will probably need a friend to help you use the powered digger, because it’s very powerful. Mix concrete with water in each of the holes. Do not fill the hole completely. 

Step 6 – Situate the Posts 

Insert each post into each of your concrete-filled holes. Have a friend help you adjust each wooden post, so that your bars are aligned. Use a level so that you’re sure. Measure the distances again, to confirm that the bars are parallel. Hold each wooden post in place with braces while you pour the concrete up to the level of the surface. When the foundation has hardened, you can remove the braces and start using your new parallel bars.