Constructing Segmental Retaining Walls: Mistakes to Avoid Constructing Segmental Retaining Walls: Mistakes to Avoid

If you are building segmented retaining walls, then you could run a number of risks. These kinds of walls are very popular, but it is also possible to make a number of very serious mistakes that could mean that the segmented retaining walls fall down quickly, or suffer collapses in one part of the wall. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to keep the wall upright for years to come.

Concrete Footing not Deep Enough

A common problem with segmented retaining walls is that the concrete footing or foundation on which the wall is built is too shallow. This means that there is not enough of the concrete to support the weight of the wall and the earth behind it. Segmented retaining walls with this problem often sag in some places along the wall.

Post not Fitted Properly

A second problem is that the fence posts, often installed behind the wall to strengthen it, are not placed at a suitable distance. This allows the post to collapse towards the wall, often buckling it, or causing it to bulge in particular areas.

Excessive Loads

A third mistake that people make is overloading the top of the wall. This means that the wall is not wide enough to support the weight of the material behind it, and this pushes out part of the segmented wall, collapsing it.

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