Constructing Stone Veneer Walls: Mistakes to Avoid Constructing Stone Veneer Walls: Mistakes to Avoid

Dressing up a water feature or covering a concrete or concrete block wall with stone veneer walls is not so difficult a task as it appears. With patience and proper preparation of the surface, even the novice can install stone veneers. Avoiding common mistakes is important to assure the best outcome possible.

Testing for Conditions

Not all stone veneers are appropriate for outdoor use. Be certain that the stone you intend to use has been properly tested and certified for severe weather conditions. This is especially important if the veneer is being placed in a climate that will expose the wall to freeze-thaw cycles.

Don’t Run Veneer Siding to Soil Grade

When using individual stone veneers or stone veneer panels (sheets with veneered stones attached), it is important to know that they require flashing at grade. Never run veneers right to or below grade, as there will not be adequate drainage. This will result in water damage, and premature failure of the wall and the veneers.

Color Variations in Batches

When purchasing your veneers, be certain that the color variation is acceptable. While there will be some natural variation, in an attempt to mimic natural stone, each batch of manufactured stone can have slightly different dye colors. Try to purchase all your veneer from the same batch, so the color palette is consistent.

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