Container Growing a Black-Eyed Susan: 3 Tips

black eyed susan flowers

Growing a black-eyed susan in a container enables the plant to be mobile; allowing you to reposition the flowers and gaze upon them as often as you wish. In addition you will be able to care for the flowers more efficiently than if it were planted in the earth. This article details three quick tips you should consider for growing a black eyed susan in a container.

Tip 1 - The Bigger the Pot, the Larger the Yield

The size of the pot you choose will vary depending upon what you wish to use your black-eyed susans for and where you want them to be located. By and large, it is best to choose the largest possible pot for your flowers because the plants will grow in proportion to the amount of space they’re allowed to populate.

Tip 2 - Make Sure the Container has Proper Drainage

It is essential that the bottom of the container you are using is pierced on the bottom in several places. These piercings are drainage holes which are necessary to rid the plant of unneeded water.

You should also fill the bottom of your container with gravel to the depth of one inch; gravel aids in proper drainage.

Tip 3 - Fertilize Regularly to Encourage Blossoms

Create and maintain a fertilizing schedule, you should fertilize no more than once every ten days. Black eyed susans are supplemented well with a liquid organic fertilized; they grow faster and stronger.